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The Sin of Homosexual Behavior
by Pastor Lars Larson, PhD

When I consider the inroad the homosexual promoters have made into our culture in recent years, and more specifically, upon reading of the universal public call to banish Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty' from the public forum due to his assertions about this subject, I thought it fitting to affirm the biblical teaching on this matter. First, all sexual activity is sin, except within a biblically sanctioned marriage of a man and woman, whether or not they are Christian. Sexual sin includes all sexual activity, both heterosexual and homosexual sex. God created sex for the purposes of procreation and enjoyment, but only for a husband and wife in a lawful marriage relationship. Co-habitation is sinful and will incur God's judgment of eternal wrath. "Fornicators and adulterers God will judge" (Heb. 13:4). Second, homosexual sex is especially egregious before God. "If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shall be upon them" (Lev. 20:13). Our US is not a theocracy as was ancient Israel, so Christians do not advocate executing homosexuals, or adulterers, for that matter. But this law of Moses does reflect the reality that this sin is heinous before God and it reveals what God thinks that these transgressors of His law deserve. Third, the prevalence of homosexuality in a society is evidence that God has placed that nation under His judgment. Romans 1 reveals that God turns people over to the sin of homosexuality. Sin is the judgment of God upon sin. Fourth, there is hope of salvation from all sin through Jesus Christ alone. Anyone who will be saved from God's wrath on that final great day of judgment, must seek the grace of God to repent, that is, to turn from his sin and to believe on Jesus Christ as Lord. Jesus Christ died in the place of sinners, paying the debt they owe to God's justice, resulting in God being just in justifying guilty sinners (Rom. 3:26). I would urge you to read the sermons that are linked on this page, for they will direct you to the Savior, in whom is joy, peace, and eternal life.

-- Pastor Larson, December19, 2013